We always think differently.

Fifty years ago we introduced the world’s first square modular carpet tiles. Their flexibility, easy installation and creative potential sparked a revolution in carpet design. Creative thinkers continue to push the boundaries of interior space, and products have evolved to offer the growing need for creative freedom.

Introducing Skinny Planks.

Our new range of geometric modular carpet tiles that work together to provide a new world of creative possibilities in floor zoning.

50cm x 1m
25cm x 1m

Simply put,

Skinny Planks are rectangular tiles designed to work seamlessly with our existing square tiles.


Modular flooring provides the versatility required for effective workplace design. By combining both Skinny Planks and square tiles it’s now even easier to create spaces within spaces, plus their simple geometric design creates little waste and design changes can be applied quickly and easily, saving time and money.

With almost limitless design possibilities, Skinny Planks allow designers to strike the perfect balance between simplicity and sophistication.

Productivity, creativity, staff retention and the effective communication of brand values all benefit from strong interior design.

With endless combinations of formats, textures, colours and patterns, Skinny Planks allow beautiful, expressive designs and a seamless effect across large rooms.

Sometimes, the simplest changes can have the greatest effect. Our designers will be happy to explore options with you.

Urban Retreat™

Urban Retreat™ 501 is the first collection available as Skinny Planks.

Net Effect

Net Effect Two includes three products in our new 25cm x 1m skinny plank format that captures the fluidity of water even in linear patterns with expanding and contracting rhythms.

Walk the Plank

Walk the Plank makes reference to the eccentric qualities of old timbers with its deeply grooved grain.

Northern Light

Northern light, all the appearance and performance of a hard floor, with all the comfort of a soft carpet tile.

For us, sustainability is non-negotiable.

We are working hard to reach our goal of Mission Zero by 2020 – to have a zero negative impact on the environment. And that means looking hard at every area of our business.

Skinny Planks are no exception. They come with the same credentials as our normal square tiles, such as having a high percentage of recycled content in their backing. Urban Retreat 501 is even made from 100% recycled nylon.

Skinny Planks can be fitted easily with our flexible, glue-free TacTiles™ system to minimise odour and emissions. What’s more, all tiles can be recycled through our ReEntry® take-back scheme, to help reduce the amount of carpet sent to landfill or incineration at the end of their life.